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The land of Tala - An Introduction Part 1

About Tala - Geography

The world where The Chronicles of Tala is set, is bounded by the following features. To the north are the Ice Wastes and perpetual winter and to the east are the Zephron Mountains, which form a vast barrier that is only passable in a handful of places. To the west is the Salatine Sea and to the south the great River Vankarem. In fact there are ancient ruins in the Northern Deeps and long deserted villages to the south of the river and the east of the mountains, but any who lived in Tala, would consider these wilderness areas and places to be avoided.

The northern realms have a Scandinavian type climate, with deep, bitter winters and warm summers, whereas in the far south, snows are once in a lifetime occurrences. Nearly all the weather comes from the Salatine Sea and storms are not uncommon at any time of the year, butespecially frequent in autumn and spring.

Tala is also dominated by the vast expanse of Lake Vankarem, into which, most of the rivers of the north flow. The lake itself is safe and navigable and there are large fishing fleets in all of the ports on its shores. The river is also home to many barges from Chesaland down to Engleford, but the great falls on the south-western end of the lake, mean that no goods can be transported any further. Hence there are four great roads which are now in a varying state of repair.

The Northren Road runs from Lerwichamian all the way to the northern ports including those of Talinia and Vastreak. Also running from Lerwichamian all the way to Engleford, is the Southren Road, although that runs through Ushog, which is once again too dangerous to venture through. The smaller Westron Road, is rarely used these days, but branches off the Southren Road before wending its way to the assassin stronghold of Bandahar. Many of the lands on its route are deserted and there is little in way of shelter for most of its route. Finally there is the Coast Road, running from the northern posts all the way to Engleford. This is widely used from the north as far as Dillstane, but again the lands between there and Engleford are empty and most goods will be transported by sea instead.

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