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The Elentar

Book 6 of the Chronicles of Tala is due out at the end of 2020 and has been edited by the very wonderful and helpful Emma O'Connell who can be found at: 

The book picks up where Book 5, The Ruins of War ends, but expands the story into the Dwarven realms, Glorhelm's homeland of Sormina, Rozeka's homeland of Gladewater and the newly awakened Faro's journey to find the lost King of Lerwichamian.

Meanwhile, Carant finally discovers his purpose whilst under a trance from the spirits of the wood in Borzja, although the reality of what they tell him would spell the end of everything he holds dear. The reunited party push on north to the isolated realm of Dubros, ruled by a King who appears to have lost all hope. Their journey through the frozen wastes of the north, leads them to this mysterious Wyrm who guards The Elentar deep underneath the old ice palaces. 


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